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The magic principle of activated carbon adsorption and its technological equipment
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Heavy development environmental protection activated carbon adsorption tower has wide application range, high adsorption efficiency, can be treated at the same time a variety of mixed gas, convenient maintenance and other advantages, activated carbon is to remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and disinfection and deodorization effect, activated carbon adsorption tower is now widely used in electronic components production, battery (battery) production, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, pickling, laboratory exhaust, painting, food, brewing, etc. waste gas treatment. Among these, the most suitable paint waste gas treatment of purification.

Tail gas is mainly composed of a fan powered, positive or negative pressure into activated carbon adsorption tower body, due to the presence of activated carbon on the surface of a solid is unbalanced and not saturated the attraction of molecules or chemical bond force, so when the solid surface in contact with the gas, will be able to attract gas molecules the concentration and remained on the surface of the solid, pollution material to be adsorbed, exhaust gas through the filter into activated carbon adsorption tower body, purification gas high-altitude discharge standards.

Activated carbon is a black powder, granular or pellets of amorphous carbon with a porous. The main ingredients are carbon, also contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine. Also has the fine structure of graphite, but the grain is small, layers of irregular accumulation. With a large surface area (500 ~ 1000 m / g). Have a strong adsorption capacity, adsorption of gases on the surface of it, colloidal liquid or solid. The adsorption of gas and liquid can be close to the quality of the activated carbon.

The adsorption is selective, and the nonpolar material is more easily absorbed than the polar material. In the same series of substances, the higher the boiling point of the material is more likely to be adsorbed, the greater the pressure, the lower the temperature, the higher the concentration, the greater the adsorption amount, on the contrary, pressure, temperature and favorable gas desorption. Activated carbon is often used in gas adsorption, separation and purification, solvent recovery, sugar, oil, glycerin, drug bleaching agent, drinking water or a refrigerator deodorant, a gas mask filter agent, also can be used as catalysts or catalyst metal salt of the frustum.
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