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Main influencing factors of water treatment of activated carbon
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Because the adsorption process and the action principle of activated carbon water treatment are more complex, the influence factors are also more. Mainly related to the nature of the activated carbon, the nature of the pollutants in water, the principle of the treatment of activated carbon and the operation parameters of the selection.

1 activated carbon for water treatment of activated carbon should have three requirements: large adsorption capacity, adsorption speed, good mechanical strength. The adsorption capacity of activated carbon in addition to other external conditions, mainly with activated carbon specific surface area of; adsorption rate mainly with pore size and carbon distribution, water treatment by activated carbon requirements for the transition hole (radius of 20 ~ 1000 angstroms) is developed to the adsorbate (water pollution) to the micro pore diffusion. The smaller particle size of activated carbon adsorption rate is faster, but the head loss to increase, generally in the range of 8-30 is more appropriate. Mechanical wear resistance of activated carbon, affecting the life of activated carbon.

2 the nature of the pollutants with a kind of activated carbon for different pollutants adsorption capacity is very different. Because of the solubility, molecular structure, polarity and concentration of pollutants in water, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon varies greatly.

3 temperature because the adsorption process is exothermic reaction, when the liquid phase adsorption adsorption heat is small, with activated carbon treatment of water, the impact of temperature on the adsorption is not significant.

4 the influence of the coexistence of multiple components on the adsorption process is applied to the treatment of water, the water is not usually a single pollutant, but a mixture of multiple components. At the time of adsorption, they can be co adsorbed, or interfere with each other. Under normal circumstances, the adsorption capacity is lower than that of the single component when the multicomponent adsorption.

5. The adsorption operating conditions because of activated carbon in liquid phase adsorption, diffusion (film diffusion) speed had influence on the adsorption, adsorption device type, contact time (water flow speed) have an impact on the adsorption effect.
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