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How to distinguish between activated carbon products, it should be how to choose activated carbon it
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Activated carbon is made from a variety of carbon rich raw materials. Therefore, the activated carbon made from different raw materials will have different characteristics.

In general, using coal as raw material to produce activated carbon by steam or carbon dioxide gas activation, the shape of the product with granular, its pore size distributioninporeare, more suitable for the adsorption of substances in liquid and gas phase molecular weight and smaller diameter, the adsorption performance usually by methylene blue adsorption value and the iodine adsorption value representation; using sawdust as raw material to produce activated carbon by chemical activation usually, the shape of the product with powder, its pore size distribution by adjusting thechemicalactivatingagent ratioto control, more flexible, not only can make pore size distributioninporeare products can also be produced in the holes (transition pore size distribution hole) accounted for a larger proportion of the product, the latter is more suitable for the adsorption of liquid phase molecular weight and the diameter of the larger material adsorption performance with caramel decolorization rate; to Shell as the raw materials to manufacture active carbon usually take water vapor and carbon dioxide gas activation, products shape with granular, due to its special material factors, the distribution of pore size between the two kinds of activated carbon, so its application scope more extensive. The disadvantage is that the restriction of domestic raw materials, finished product is higher.

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