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Principle of adsorption of activated carbon
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Adsorption function is mainly refers to the activated carbon can absorb the solid, liquid, gas, harmful substances in the molecule. Activated carbon with micro holes is mainly used for the adsorption of gas;the transition pore is more and the average pore diameter of the activated carbon is used for the adsorption of liquid.

Adsorption function is mainly due to the characteristics of molecular motion, because the gas molecules always do no regular micro motion, adsorption speed and indoor temperature, pressure, gas flow rate, gas concentration. Because there are numerous interconnected pores in activated carbon surface and internal, in the entire pore space exist adsorption force field, adsorbed molecules to enter into the hole, will be subject to holes surrounded by adsorption force at the same time, the activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity. (mainly used natural collisions, and will continue to be absorbed into the active material molecules to the air).
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